Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TUESDAY'S CHILD (Detroit preview)

Blueprint #35.  Tools and supplies needed: phillips head screwdriver, a large crescent wrench, string, WD40, pliers, one rubber mallet, a large crowbar, sandpaper (varying grades), epoxy, 20mm paddle wire, ropes and pulleys, a good sturdy shovel, scrap lumber (readily found at any construction site), brightly-colored feathers, sulfur, saltpeter, one lime, tequila, megaphone for sticking somewhere dark, lipstick as may be put on a pig, a length of underwater fuse.  Light and take cover behind available wall.  Wheeeee!!!


  1. What do you make of the reports about the confrontation between Artest and Jackson?

  2. I'm hoping it's more about overall frustrations boiling over than any real issues between them. I love the kind of good neighbor Ron's become since arriving but his basketball focus has been a little... unfocused. Maybe this little brouhaha is a wake-up call (as if the recent losses aren't enough?).