Saturday, November 27, 2010


The longer I go without posting the longer I go without posting. And at some point there were scribbled notes rattling around my car, about a now distant three-day road romp, fading memories of Shannon lighting up the Bucks, Barnes going 7 for 7 and Fish’s 5 for 5 against the only other triple-post in the league and as for the car, the dream prophesies truly were self-fulfilling, said deathtrap now inert, replaced by updated version and who knows what happened to the notes and I’m not about to try and reconstruct them at this late date. Sidebar, how 'bout Love, four 20/20 games already in the young season? Then, the Golden State blowout with Pau’s 10 for 10, a tougher challenge against the Bulls and now this abomination against Utah which by the way, I’m not buying into the bench going cold or team-at-large being thoroughly outplayed for the last three quarters. Nope, I’m going with the Kirilenko mop-top conspiracy angle. That shiny, fluffy hair blinds opposing players at crucial moments and should be banned by the league. It’s time for Bynum to start flexing those corroded joints and get back on the damned floor! Forget my last post, I’m out of patience. Sorry your stupid owies hurt.

Did everybody have a nice Thanksgiving? A night later and I’m lucky to be awake with tryptophan leftovers and late night apple pie and ice cream screaming headache. Bring me all your Excedrin. Thanksgiving news tidbits, the Koreans are lobbing grenades over the demilitarized zone and the U.S. is looking to calm the waters with war games, Sarah Palin went on record as calling the North Koreans our allies and our President just got 12 stitches for a busted lip, playing pickup basketball and wasn’t even rushed away by a phalanx of screaming sirens. I don’t care any more about politics or policies, Obama’s now part of the ESPN highlight reels. Oh, and LeBron went on Matt Lauer’s Thanksgiving Special to pimp out the emperor's new logo.  Like that’s going to turn his train wreck around.

You don’t come here for analysis or stats and probably, you don’t come here at all. Prove me wrong and send me some money. What else... Blake Griffin has been playing out of his mind for the Clips, best 3&13 team in the league. Philly on the other hand at 3&13, are well on their way to melting Doug Collins down into misshapen face wax. This by far is the most useless post that I’ve yet written and it’s fitting given that it’s the newest and representative of a steady and inexorable decline, ever since SfS’s glorious beginning.  In fact, the very first post is still the one that gets the most traffic, don’t know if it has anything to do with Fish or if it’s just the catchy title. Next up, the Pacers, currently lurking in 7th in the eastern conference at .500. They’ve got five guys averaging double-figures, a big center in Hibbet and Granger’s having a very solid year. On paper they’re not that much of a threat but Sunday games don’t trend as our fiercest. I’m not going to jinx anything like my Denver prediction so I’ll expect a battle and be happy if we steamroll them.

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