Monday, November 8, 2010


With the team stumbling out of the starting gate, Houston has decided to pull a one-year deal for 35 year-old Eric Dampier off the table. For now that means keeping second year guard Jermaine Taylor, who has yet to appear in action. Although the 15th man told reporters that he’s here to stay, general manager Daryl Morey is playing his cards close to the vest.  League sources insist that the Rockets are very much open to bringing in a utility big man if the price is right. Yao’s health is obviously a question mark and his mandated 24 mpg are a constant reminder of not only his frailty, but the team’s hyper-awareness of same. Among the free agents floating around the fringes is one Slava Medvendenko, the ex-Laker who was never shy to shoot the ball during his stint in the league. The Ukrainian with the bad disc has rarely been seen since a forgettable season with Atlanta in 2007-2008 but things may soon be changing.

Have you ever glanced at a tabloid cover and then actually perused the inner pages? The story’s sold through a blaring headline, there’s usually nothing that actually links the two components other than false advertisement and sly innuendo. Do you see where I’m going here? Yup, it was all a blatant attempt to lure you into the SfS blog.  Suckers.  Slava's still in hiding and the day that changes is the day this blog runs out of excuses to exist.

In other news, last night’s blowout against Portland brought Pau the fourth triple double of his career. Dude’s been stellar so far, as the Purple and Gold ride a seven-game winning streak to open the season. Phil Jackson held true to his promise and let rookie Derrick Caracter roll with 17 minutes of burn.  The game featured seven players in double figures and the usual cameo by Sasha. 

Next up is Minnesota.  And maybe next time I'll churn out something better than this slop. As Johnny Rotten famously said, "ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"


  1. I guess this shows just how gullible I am. I completely believed your headline...

  2. I can't find news of this anywhere else?

  3. @unknown blogger - you're probably just not looking hard enough. Keep trying.