Thursday, November 11, 2010


Poor George Karl.  Veteran of the ABA, CBA, NBA and FIBA, always a passionate advocate for his teams and he battles back from another bout with the big C and girds up for the 2010/2011 season... only to find out that his team's basically gone missing, managing to scrape out 4 and 4 and keeping the T-Wolves company at the bottom of the Northwest division with a litany of excuses.  Carmelo Anthony says he always wants to play in Denver except when he doesn't always want to play in Denver and anyhow, his elbow keeps hurting.  The truth is that four layers of black ink on that elbow have created a yawing black hole into the basketball universe allowing his already marginal soul to escape.  Kenyon Martin's pissed - after 14 years of micro-fracture surgery and steadily diminishing returns, his team's not offering another max contract!  His neck lips keep telling him he's a basketball god and nobody understands him.  Blocking savant Chris Andersen has yet to see any action - that psychedelic monstrosity around his neck actually prevents him from turning his head and then there's J.R. Smith who's been talking about getting his eyelids tatted.  Wise, wise man.  Word of advice to George.  Your players don't really want to play.  Clear the deck and start over.  Meanwhile, the Lakers are paying a visit tonight.  I'm hoping they leave their footprints all over the knucklehead Nuggets' faces allowing convenient stenciling for subsequent inkage.

In other news, Fish went on a rampage after the team's lackluster effort against Minny.  Blogs subsequently divided themselves over 8 and 0 versus basic accountability.  Fish had it right of course, it's an embarrassment to play down to a team coached by Rambis, who's always been about toughness and effort.   John Hollinger meanwhile, still has Miami ranked #1, regardless of the fact that they're 5 and 3 and the champion Lakers are unbeaten in their young season.  I say we round up the torches and pitchforks.  And this from the foreign desk, there's a 14 year-old kid in India who's 7-foot and  still growing.  I kid you not.

That's all I got.  Actually, I got plenty more but I'm starting to feel cranky and unhinged for various reasons and think it wise not to explode all over the place like the Birdman's neck.


  1. Let's not pop the champagne yet, big guy!

  2. Um, yeah. That one fell flat. Still, any excuse to show the "free bird" tat.