Thursday, February 24, 2011


When I penned my first links-madness post, back in October, I fully intended to make it a regular column, much like the legit blogs do with their catchy world-wide web titles.  I figured then, that it would be a fairly easy way to score readers off other people’s work and in fact (for reasons that elude me), the original Cyber Universe post continues to accrue hits.  I am however, a purposeless fellow and while I’ve often considered a followup, the actual accomplishment of same has existed on the same astral plane as cleaning my shower curtains.  At any rate, it’s a shiny new day and I’m intending on hacking away at this in stages, in between life’s more pressing demands.  Before butchering the art of plagiarism however, I would like to mention just how satisfying last night’s overtime win was.  The start of the post-break stretch feels promising. On the other hand I was also buoyed by the first four games of the Grammys road trip and we all know how that wound up.  Without further ado, here’s a bunch of links, mon pebbles:

Darius at Forum Blue & Gold writes about Ron Artest playing with a freedom and decisiveness that’s been lacking for too many games.
Mark Medina at the LAT mentions Ron Artest being a focal point of the offense.
Brian Kamenetzky at the LOL says Ron had a flat out huge game. 
Anyone notice any redundancies? 
Dexter Fishmore at SS&R also remarked on Artest's stellar performance but added references to the untamed Oregon Territory, otters and a postmodern surrealist flavor.  Major props.

A little further off the beaten track, Basketbawful posted the Worst of Night; TBJ reports on Mark Cuban's plan to sign Justin Bieber and Free Darko has some thing about mad villainy which I think is about LeBron.  I tried linking the post specifically, but they must have some kind of anti-normal system and I'm getting real tired of all this copy/paste crap. 

Adding my two cents to all of the above posts, I'd also venture that Ron played real good last night.  Plus, there's been all kinds of crazy-ass trade stuff that happened right up to the deadline and I won't bother to further duplicate what's already been reported except to marvel at one of the least expected transactions.  A month after heckling Baron Davis from the sidelines, Donald Sterling banishes him to Cleveland.  Cold action from the slumlord.

Rounding the far turn and heading for home, I'd be remiss if I didn't avail myself of the opportunity for shameless self-promotion.  All of those heavy-hitter blogs at the top of the page certainly don't need my help and it's not like they'll be tossing me a link anytime soon.  So, unless facts and intelligent analysis matter to you, just skip ahead and read some of my favorite earlier Slava posts (favorite being code for that which doesn't make me cringe):

The Intangibles Exposed was SfS's inaugural post (an in-depth look at how the Japanese long-liners have decimated Cod fishing in the Atlantic).
Something Slava This Way Comes concerned the mighty Medvedenko and also featured a nifty painting by my dad, from his John Adams series of a couple decades ago.
Just the Game revolved around the first game of the regular season and tried to incorporate forewarning dreams about mechanical failure.
Across the Cyber Universe is of course, the feckless father of this firmament.
The Season of the Witch wove Donovan, a scary childhood experience and a Lakers slump, into a gray and dismal affair.
Lions in Winter was marginally inspired by a piece by Holly MacKenzie.  She never bothered to thank me.
All the Leaves are Green attempted to find commonality between two very different road trips.  Plus, my dog Muffin was in the photo.  Gone these many years.

I'm feeling pretty good right now - I've filled a page with repetitive drek and will consider something of an original nature for my next post which should be written in oh, about another week or so.  Sooner if someone from the Philippines, Iceland or Moldova leaves a comment.


  1. Cleaning your shower curtains is completely unnecessary except
    for social standing.

  2. Same goes for my socks, right?

  3. Unknown Blogger, I thought I told you to go away.

  4. I met a guy from Moldova once. And worked for about a year with a dude from Macedonia.

  5. Emile,
    This comes dangerously close to fulfilling the terms of my ending paragraph. I may have to consider my next post.