Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I'd considered the remote possibility of a trap game last night but that quickly sailed out the window.  The opening quarter went 27-12 and by the time all was said and done, the Cavs had been dropped by 55 points.  Hyperbole on my part seems unnecessary at this point.  The Lakers came into the game on a roll and Jackson kept his starters in until fairly late.  Maybe he wanted a statement game, even facing a back-to-back. The team's at Golden State tonight.

I feel badly for Cleveland, I honestly do.  I never like the team much when LeBron was there, His Royalty's smugness was too grating and management enabled him far too completely.  Now, I feel a level of empathy for the public way James left and scorned them, for the injuries and lack of depth.  Byron Scott inherited a mess.  I'm not going to start watching them anytime soon but I do hope they field a decent team again.  Or another hit TV show.  A region that has suffered such economic hardships deserves better.

On a more Laker-centric note, Matt Barnes' surgery went well, he should be back some time in March.  Also, Holly MacKenzie at The Basketball Jones wrote a nice piece on Kobe yesterday.  It's worth checking out.

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