Thursday, September 9, 2010


Disclaimer:  This isn't ACTUALLY written by Derrick Caracter despite any assumptions predicated by a first-person narrative.  I just like to make things up, that's all. 

Summer league was pretty darned awesome but I'm going to skip past that for now and begin with more recent events, namely my acclimation into the City Of Angels.  I stayed with some family friends (the Winklers) in Studio City for much of the summer, enjoying their gracious hospitality along with backyard barbecues thrown in my honor.  The shish-kabobs were quite excellent (sea scallops, bacon, wild mushrooms and pineapple/walnut clusters) as were these drinks called zombies that Mrs. Winkler brought me as I lazed by their pool.  I'm not sure why she kept referring to herself as Mrs. Robinson?

At any rate, with quarters just a tad cozy, I decided to find suitable lodging of my own.  After taxes and agent's commission, the guaranteed portion of my rookie salary isn't nearly as much as you might expect.  I checked out guest houses, apartments and even an actors co-op in Atwater but ultimately splurged on a two-bedroom condo on Cole Avenue in Hollywood.  It's an 80's rehab, clean and functional inside with gray carpets and white furniture.  I like it a lot.  I bought a few things at Ikea and picked up a fairly righteous abstract painting at a yard sale.

I've been working out a lot, both at the Lakers facility and a 24-Hour Fitness. I also received some summer reading material from Coach Jackson.  He usually waits until later in the season to assign books but said I should get an early start.  Y'know, being a rookie and all.  He gave me a copy of The Ashley Book of Knots and said something about zen-pentecostalism and finding my true center?  I'm anxious to get started!

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