Thursday, April 4, 2013


There are just seven games left in the Los Angeles Lakers' regular season. I am painfully aware that this blog has received little attention lately, especially from me. This has been my first entry this year. Many excuses, from work to other sites to real life – and all are only that, excuses. The Lakers have had a difficult and often perplexing year. In the past I would have chronicled the missteps with nearly as much enthusiasm as the victories – this team has been nothing if not story-worthy in many ways. Yet, I have procrastinated.

I'm surprised sometimes to see that traffic still filters through here. Lately, some of it has been not dissimilar to the tiny scrabbling feet you might hear between the walls late at night. It began with a few cleverly worded comments left on old posts, complimenting them and adding tidy little links. Soon the trickle became more than a trickle, I would log in an find a dozen or so comments. Fantastic post, I wonder why other experts in this sector don't notice this? Or, this recent gem, unquestionably consider that you stated your favorite reason seemed to be at the internet the easiest thing to have in mind to you. And always with ever-helpful links to sites at the end, from garden tools to kitchen appliances. I changed my security settings but the comments come in ever faster, now piling up in a spam folder. My assumption is that the various “Anonymous-es” don't actually bother checking to see if their comments appear.

What's next for Searching for Slava? I have no clue. I somehow doubt that a rash of inspiration will take hold as the Lakers begin a glorious resurgence, coming from eighth place in the west to resume their rightful place among the halls of great comeback stories. If they do somehow make a run at it though, I may memorialize it here. And if not, I'll certainly cover it during my twice-weekly reports for ForumBlue and Gold.

A few years back I spent too much time penning a manuscript for a full-length novel that never saw the light of day except for a brief excerpt I used as filler during the dog days of the NBA lockout. The laptop housing it crashed and I thought it was lost forever and didn't much care. I recently found a draft on an old memory stick and have been toying with edits. I may decide to release it into the cyberverse before I come to my senses. If nothing else, this particular bookmark will serve as an additional repository for rapt readers who like to leave comments about their own moneymaking schemes – those however will continue to be deleted.  

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